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Embrace Your Inner Carnivore With Table-Side Grilling at This Korean Steakhouse in Houston

Dak & Bop owner Jason Cho, who is known for his Korean fried chicken, is venturing into the world of steaks and fine dining in a way that stays true to his roots

a spread of meat with dipping sauces, kimchi, pickles, and more, with a grill in the middle at Karne.
Karne combines the best of Korean cuisine and steakhouses into one dining experience.
Jenn Duncan

With a crunch that can often be heard from tables away, Dak & Bop owner Jason Cho has earned a reputation for his Korean fried chicken and some of the crispiest wings in the city. Now, he’s venturing into the steakhouse business while sticking to his roots.

In collaboration with chef Yurum “KP” Nam, Cho has opened Karne, a modern and fine-dining Korean steakhouse in the Heights that offers a variety of top-notch meats, including prime beef, American and Japanese wagyu, and dry-aged cuts, all of which hosts cook tableside. Though the menu will offer nods to American steakhouses, the restaurant focuses heavily on Korean culinary traditions, with “a feeling of friendship, warmth, kindness, and ... communal experiences at the table,” according to Cho.

Karne’s Land and Sea tenderloin tartar, topped with caviar, a poached egg, and a pomegranate reduction, and a flower, with a side of seaweed, crispy rice, and a cocktail.
Karne’s Land and Sea appetizer is an artsy tenderloin tartare bursting with flavor.
Jenn Duncan

Diners can order items from the menu a la carte, indulging in appetizers like rice wine mussels and Korean bean paste-cured pork belly, rib-eye hot pots, bibimbap, and a variety of seafood options, including jumbo lemon-poached tiger shrimp and oysters. The $60 “karnivore platter” (two-person minimum) will offer five cuts of meat chosen by the chef, plus a variety of compliments, including a scallion salad, egg souffle, kimchi and pickles, and a stew or soup. Private dining experiences featuring a multi-course chef’s menu will also be available by reservation only.

Dak & Bop and Karne owner Jason Cho in a suit.
Restaurateur Jason Cho is combining Korean cuisine with a fine dining steakhouse at Karne.
Jenn Duncan
Chef Yuruk “KP” Nam inside of Karne.
Chef Yuruk “KP” Nam is helping harness Korean flavors at steakhouse Karne.
Jenn Duncan

The restaurant, which also features more than 170 wines and a “bespoke” cocktail list, began welcoming visitors on Tuesday, November 1, but will officially open in full capacity on Friday, November 11, according to a release. Cho is already priding Karne on offering dishes that Houston has yet to experience in this way.

“Chef KP is pouring all of his knowledge and culinary skills into creating a curated menu for fine, Korean cuisine,” Cho said in a written statement. “The taste, flavor, and presentation of the dishes bring an elevated experience. My personal favorite dish is the mussels. I have had Belgium mussels many times, but never like this.”

Karne Fall 2022 Menu

Karne is open from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., Sunday through Thursday, and 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday. 2805 White Oak Drive, Suite 100, 77007.


2805 White Oak Drive, , TX 77007 (713) 993-6588 Visit Website