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Houston’s Latest Speakeasy Offers 30-Minute Omakase Experience and Rotating Art in Rice Village

The owners of Hidden Omakase are bringing a brief, albeit, artsy sushi experience to Rice Village

A morsel of marinated white fish pieces and sea urchin atop seaweed, topped with a gold flake, by Sushi by Hidden.
Rice Village’s Sushi by Hidden will offer a 12-piece sushi omakase experience.
Jenn Duncan

Speakeasies — or restaurants and bars branded as such — have been all the rage in Houston this year, with numerous openings, including Juliet, a movie theater-themed steakhouse with an entrance modeled after a box office, and the latest Cuba-inspired nightclub, Emilia’s Havana that’s tucked away on Post Oak Boulevard alongside The Annie Cafe. Now a new so-called speakeasy with a focus on sushi is on its way.

From the owners of the tasting menu restaurant Hidden Omakase, Sushi by Hidden will open Monday, December 5, in Rice Village, offering a 30-minute experience with a rotation of chefs, sushi dishes, and art, according to a release.

A piece of tuna nigiri topped with a small scoop of wasabi on a plate at Sushi by Hidden.
Sushi by Hidden’s menu of sushi offerings will rotate daily with market fish.
Jenn Duncan

Located at 5216 Morningside Drive, the 1,200-square-foot restaurant will launch an intimate, 10-seat, $60 per-person dining experience led by chef Jimmy Kieu and rotating chefs from Hidden Omakase. Chefs will guide diners through each meal, directly serving them 12 different pieces of sushi that they collectively chose and crafted.

chef Jimmy Kieu in a black uniform, behind a counter at Sushi by Hidden.
Chef Jimmy Kieu and a lineup of rotating chefs will lead Sushi by Hidden’s dining experience.
Jenn Duncan

The menu, which will feature market fish, is slated to change daily and will incorporate similar cooking techniques to that of Hidden Omakase, including dry-aging fish. Possible dishes to be served include akami, or bluefin tuna, with chili garlic and fuji apple, and tom-yum marinated flounder fin with finger lime and salmon roe.

Headless fish dry-aging and hanging down in a case at Sushi by Hidden.
Sushi by Hidden will incorporate Hidden Omakase’s dry-aging fish techniques into its dining experience.
Jenn Duncan

Diners looking to imbibe can bring their own liquor or libation of choice, with a $20 corkage fee for bottles 720 milliliters or larger, and during their downtime, can view Sushi by Hidden’s on-site art gallery, which will showcase new artists each quarter.

Sushi by Hidden’s bar with 10 seats and a backdrop of art.
Sushi by Hidden will offer 30-minute omakase experience for just 10 seats at a time.
Jenn Duncan

Sushi by Hidden will serve dinner from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday. The restaurant is slated to launch its lunch service at a later date.

Hidden Omakase

5353 West Alabama Street, , TX 77056 (713) 496-2633 Visit Website

Sushi by Hidden

5216 Morningside Drive, , TX 77005 (346) 399-5948 Visit Website