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German and American Flavors Combine at This Northside Houston Brewery

Black Page Brewing is bringing Houston’s Near Northside something new to sip on

Two people clinking glasses of Black Page Brewing beer together.
Come this October, Black Page Brewing will pour up German-style lagers and American Ales.
Becca Wright

A brewery that will combine the beer and food culture of Germany and the United States is slated to open this fall in Houston’s Near Northside, according to a release.

Named after the Frank Zappa song that’s infamously known as the artist’s most difficult tune to play, Black Page Brewing will officially open this October at 210 Glen Park Street, offering German-style lager, an assortment of American Ales, and a picturesque beer garden that’s tucked away in the tree-lined banks of Little White Oak Bayou. Its menu will be a collaboration between the brewery and food truck, La Macro, which will offer a fusion of German cuisine and Houston’s street taco culture.

Chris Manriquez, Anthony Heins, and German master brewer Henryk Orlik holding beers in their hand.
Black Page Brewing’s team will officially open the brewery’s doors this October.
Becca Wright reports that the taproom will include a bar area with 16 taps inside and 16 outside, with eight beers offered to start, plus a beer-to-go machine.

Co-founders Anthony Heins and Chris Manriquez, of Houston’s Trash Panda Drinking Club and Mexican restaurant Chivos, have tapped German master brewer Henryk Orlik to help build the production facility next to the taproom and install all of its brewing equipment.

Orlik, who trained in Germany but has worked as a brewer in the U.S. since 1995, has most notably helped propel Louisiana’s Abita Brewing Company flagship and its beers, including its Purple Haze, and will be on-site at Black Page on weekends to offer his expertise and suggestions to brewery-goers.

Black Page Brewing

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