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Texas-Focused Smokehouse is Bringing Pecan-Smoked Barbecue to Houston’s Garden Oaks

Cherry Block Smokehouse is putting an emphasis on Lone Star State-sourced cuisine

A tray of Cherry Block Smokehouse’s baked beans, coleslaw, French fries, biscuits, pork ribs, corn ribs, and more.
Cherry Block Smokehouse is bringing Texas-style barbecue and other Lone Star State-sourced goods to Garden Oaks.
Becca Wright

Texas chef Felix Flores has lived several lives within the food world — and now, he’s using his experience as a rancher, butcher, sommelier, chef, and restaurant operator to revive his smokehouse in Garden Oaks that oozes of the Lone Star State.

Formerly located in Downtown’s Bravery Chef Hall food court, Cherry Block Smokehouse is undergoing a revival in Garden Oak’s Stomping Grounds shopping area, where Flores is already serving up pecan-smoked Texas-style barbecue and Gulf Coast cuisine, including po’ boys, hush puppies, boudin, and his signature brisket gumbo.

Chef Felix Florez holding a slab of ribs.
Chef Felix Florez, who is also a sommelier and rancher, has been butchering meats since he was a child. He brings all of his skills to his latest restaurant, Cherry Block Smokehouse.
Emily Jaschke

The self-described “counter-service steakhouse,” which opened on September 6, is taking on an intentional “Texans for Texans” approach that will offer quality ingredients at an affordable price, according to a release, which is no surprise given that Flores has been credited with bringing a “ranch-to-table” dining experience in Houston where meats and foods are sourced from within the state.

The 2,600-square-foot smokehouse, which pays homage to Florez’s family with displays of old family photos and heirlooms, will feature a market area, where guests can watch live butchery and select meat sourced from Florez’s family meat distribution company, Falcon Lake Farms, for take-home; plus a full bar, where guests can order cocktails, beer, and wine from a list curated by Florez.

For those dining in, executive chef Jordan Economy, formerly of Doris Metropolitan and Dak n Bop, and chef de cuisine Melissa Hart, have shaped a menu with Texas and Louisiana-inspired dishes like brisket mac and cheese; loaded baked potatoes; barbecue staples like beef brisket, pork ribs, and sausage; plus hand-cut meats, including pork chops, New York Strips, rib-eyes, and filet mignons. Guests can seat themselves at the available banquettes, high-top tables, bar area, or the picnic tables outside.

Cherry Block Smokehouse’s brisket mac and cheese served in a cast-iron skillet.
Cherry Block Smokehouse is serving pecan-smoked barbecue infused with Southern favorites, like brisket gumbo and brisket mac and cheese.
Becca Wright

The restaurant, which joins other food establishments in the area, including Fat Creamery and Rooster & Rice, also plans to host brunch and daily specials later in the year, according to a statement by Florez.

Cherry Block Smokehouse is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily at the Stomping Grounds, 1223 W. 34th Street, Suite A-100.

Cherry Block Smokehouse

1223 W. 34th Street, Suite A-100, Houston, Texas 77018 Visit Website