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Robots, Thai Cuisine, and American Fast Food Combine at This New Houston Kitchen

The owner of Kin Dee’s new cloud kitchen, M Express Kitchen, infiltrates fast food with Panang curry chicken clubs and beefy Drunken hot dogs

A M Express Thai hot dog topped with ground beef, peppers and onions, basil, and a shishito pepper, with a side of chips.
M Express Thai is putting a spin on your favorite American fast food items.
Sean Rainer

Lukkaew Srasrisuwan, the restauranteur behind Heights Thai restaurant Kin Dee, is looking to make Thai cuisine more convenient and accessible to diners in Houston. Her answer? American fast food and robots.

The restauranteur recently opened M Express Thai Kitchen in Uptown, a cloud kitchen at restaurant co-op Fair Food Co. (5832 Fairdale Lane). There, diners can order easily devourable American fast food items, like burgers, sandwiches, dips, and wings with a Thai flair – all for delivery or for pick-up with the assistance of a robot.

According to a release, Srasrisuwan tapped Thai natives, referred to simply as chefs O and Bell, to rethink fast food favorites. Panang chicken sandwiches slathered in curry; a basil beef burger with patties marinated in Thai herbs and topped with Thai basil sauce; and a green curry-smothered pork burger topped with cucumber lettuce and tomato on a pretzel bun are some of the highlights on this 13-menu item. Other features include shrimp nuggets, crispy Thai doughnuts, and a beef Drunken hot dog that’s topped with ground beef and shishito peppers drenched in drunken noodle sauce.

M Express Thai Kitchen’s shrimp nuggets with a side of dipping sauce.
M Express Thai Kitchen replaces chicken nuggets with shrimp nuggets.
Sean Rainer

Delivery orders can be placed online through the M Express Thai or Fair Food Co. websites or various food delivery platforms like Uber Eats. Those looking to pick up in person can place orders online ahead of time or use the touchscreen kiosks at the co-op. A robot will then deliver meals to a designated locker that diners can access after receiving a text message notification with an access code.

Srasrisuwan is reportedly working on additional locations of M Express Thai Kitchen, to come later this year and a more formal dining setting for Thai cuisine enthusiasts. A higher-end Thai restaurant, MaKiin, is slated to open in the Hanover River Oaks high-rise at 2651 Kipling Street this summer.

M Express Thai Kitchen’s golden brown crispy Thai doughnuts, served with a creamy sauce and a peanut dipping sauce.
M Express Thai Kitchen’s Thai doughnuts offers a sweet ending to a convenient meal.
Sean Rainer

M Express Thai Kitchen will serve lunch and dinner Monday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. 5832 Fairdale Lane, 77057.

Kin Dee

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M Express Thai Kitchen

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