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This Woodlands Theater Will Offer a Dine-In Movie Experience With Heated Seats and Plush Recliners

Reel Luxury Cinemas and its sister establishment, the Audrey Restaurant & Bar, will open in the Woodlands this July, offering a next-level moviegoing experience

A rendering of Reel Luxury Cinemas.
Expect seat-side food service and plus seating at Reel Luxury Cinemas.

Culinary Khancepts, the hospitality group behind restaurants like State Fare Kitchen & Bar and Liberty Kitchen, will open two new dining establishments in the Woodlands’ Market Street area this July — and one that plots to elevate Houston’s moviegoing experience as we know it.

Culinary’s anticipated Reel Luxury Cinemas will boast five screens, complete with Dolby sound systems, but the next-level seating arrangements and dinner service will likely be what steals the show. According to a release, moviegoers can choose between Reel’s plush luxury recliners, its front-row love seat-style lounge chairs, or its privacy pods. The theater will also have a selection of heated seats and blankets on hand to keep guests warm. Food and beverage service will also be available seat-side to enjoy during the screening, which will be prepared by Reel’s sister establishment.

A rendering of Audrey Restaurant & Bar shows a chandelier hanging over its dining room.
Audrey Restaurant & Bar will offer American cuisine in the Market Street area.

The hospitality group will also open the Audrey Restaurant & Bar on Market Street’s second floor in tandem, serving up what it describes as American-style cuisine, with seafood towers, pasta dishes, steaks, sandwiches, salads, and a selection of cocktails and wine. With decor that exudes Hollywood and 20 large windows, the restaurant also plans to offer picturesque views of Market Street’s greenspace and will channel Breakfast at Tiffany’s during its weekend brunches.

The two new Woodlands establishments will operate from one kitchen, however, Reel Luxury Cinemas and Audrey will have two separate menus. This is likely not the only upscale theater opening Houstonians can expect. Culinary Khancepts, which also operates Sugar Land’s Star Cinema Grill, is currently renovating the River Oaks Theater at 2009 West Gray Street, with plans to reopen it and new restaurant Leo’s Restaurant. Jason Ostrow, Culinary’s vice president of development, told online publication What Now Houston, that the renovated River Oaks theater will offer film screenings, events, film festivals, and higher-end food and beverages.

Reel Luxury Cinemas

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