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The World of Omakase and Burgers Will Collide at This Houston Pop-Up Event

But the chefs behind Hidden Omakase and burger-chan promise to go far beyond what you might expect in this Anti Burger Club pop-up collaboration

Chef Willet Feng of burger-chan and Niki Vongthong of Hidden Omakase in side by side portraits.
Chef Willet Feng of burger-chan and Niki Vongthong of Hidden Omakase are set to deliver a unique dining experience this August.
Diane Feng/Jenn Duncan

Pop-up dining events have been especially hot this summer, with restaurants keeping things interesting with collaborations among their chefs, like Burger Bodega’s pop-up with Houston’s most recent James Beard Award-winning chef Benchawan Jabthong Painter, Alex Au-Yeung of Phat Eatery, and the chefs behind Neo. Now, there’s another pop-up event to add to your itinerary.

Burger-chan, the local gourmet burger restaurant that’s known to also creatively incorporate Asian flavors, is hosting a special rendition of its Anti Burger Club pop-up series this August, with burger-chan chef Willet Feng and Niki Vongthong, the executive chef behind speakeasy-style omakase restaurant Hidden Omakase.

Burger-chan’s restaurant, with table seating with placemats, menus, and laterns.
Burger-chan will transform its casual restaurant into a tasting menu experience for its Anti Burger Club pop-up event this August.
Diane Feng

Though the menu remains a mystery, keeping to Vongthong’s signature style, diners can expect the menu to go far beyond burgers and sushi, with the two chefs combining their appreciation for Japanese cuisine with a touch of Southeast Asian flavors, according to a release. Hosted at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, August 16 at burger-chan, the event will offer just 28 seats, which can be reserved online for $175 per person.

Willet Feng and his wife Diane, co-owner of burger-chan, launched the Anti Burger Club pop-up series — also an acronym play on ABC, which also refers to “American Born Chinese” — in 2022 as a way for Willet to stretch and display his talents, which go beyond the realm of burgers. Thus far, he’s partnered with various local restaurants, including Alta Marfa Winery, chef Gabriel Medina of Click Virtual Food Hall, and Suu Khin, a former MasterChef finalist and the owner of Burmalicious, a tasting menu experience that showcases Burmese cuisine.

But no shade to the burgers. The Fengs are known for having some of the best burgers in Houston and were even in the running for the national TV morning show Good Morning America’s Best Burger in America competition.