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Hugo’s plate of tacos de carnitas and barbacoa topped with onions and cilantro.

Here’s What’s New and Where to Eat at NRG Stadium, Home of the Houston Texans

NRG Stadium compliments its special events, concerts, and football games with plenty of dining options to keep your tastebuds entertained, too

Tacos are just the tipping point.
| Paula Murphy

The 2023 football season is halfway over, and if your fall traditions include heading to the stadium to see the Houston Texans play, you can expect a lot of new surprises. The team has a new coach, a new rookie quarterback, and, importantly for hungry fans, new food options at NRG Stadium.

All in all, the stadium has 38 permanent food stands, 32 bars, 11 grab-and-go shops, and over 160 portable stalls. With new technology to help speed along lines, new local favorites, and new national chains, NRG has plenty of options to eat, drink, and cheer on the Texans. This is all the new and notable food at NRG Stadium this football season.

Views of the exterior of the large building that is NRG stadium.
NRG Stadium is host to the Texas, the Houston Rodeo, and various concerts.
Lane Gillespie

What’s new

  • Super fast service: Like Minute Maid Park, NRG is utilizing high-tech checkout options to keep lines moving swiftly. Fridges throughout the stadium allow you to grab a bottled drink yourself and check out before the break is over. It also has checkout-less shops for alcohol and quick snacks. Tap your card when entering, and cameras and sensors see which items you grab, charging you on your way out.
  • Trill Burgers: The (other) star rookie at NRG this year is Trill Burgers. After a successful trial run during the NCAA’s Final Four, Bun B’s astronomically popular burger joint is serving around 4,000 burgers per game from its multiple locations throughout NRG. To avoid the mile-long lines at its brick-and-mortar, Trill Burgers is also utilizing cashier-less technology, allowing diners to grab a burger from the window, pay, and head back to their seats. (Sections 115, 135, 522, 548)
  • Berg Hospitality: If you’re a Houston Texans Club Member, your food options are less centered around hot dogs and more centered on local chefs. One new local option is Berg Hospitality, which serves Italian subs and macaroni and cheese that you can also order from your seat. (Sections 310, 338)
  • Pizza Hut: Pizza Hut is now NRG’s personal pizza purveyor (say that five times fast). Find it served with other stadium classics throughout. (Sections 101, 112, 121, 132, 322, 350, 506, 510, 532, 536)
  • Philly Flats: Katy’s favorite Philly Flats offers chicken tenders, wings, melty cheesesteaks, mozzarella sticks, and fries. (Sections 112, 536)
Two smash burgers with cheese and grilled onions.
Bun B’s burger sensation Trill Burgers will be serving smash burgers all season.
Becca Wright

What to eat at NRG Stadium for every craving

Sections throughout NRG Stadium offer game-day must-haves like hot dogs, burgers, chicken tenders, pretzels, and nachos. But in Houston, a city of incredible culinary diversity and a dazzling array of talented chefs, NRG serves up some decidedly more local flavors. Some of Houston’s biggest restaurants are represented at NRG – check them out next time you’re looking for a halftime snack.

  • Killen’s BBQ: Highlighting another Houstonian chef (this time, Ronnie Killen), Killen’s BBQ at NRG serves nachos or sandwiches with Killen’s smoked brisket. (Sections 323, 351)
  • Texas Smokehouse: For even more Killen’s barbecue, Texas Smokehouse offers piping-hot potatoes and cheese-slathered nachos with your option of Killen’s smoked brisket, pulled pork, or turkey. If barbecue isn’t your thing, this section also has chicken teriyaki skewers and vegetable fried rice. (Sections 109, 129, 501, 515, 527, 541)
  • El Tiempo: The local Tex-Mex mainstay dishes out chips and queso, nachos, and fajita tacos. For something a little different than the usual game-day beer, El Tiempo also serves agua fresca and frozen margaritas. (Sections 118, 138, 501, 527)
  • Antone’s: The familiar paper-wrapped subs are offered here, available in original, turkey, or as a salad. Check the strawberry Topo Chico, too — available at the same sections. (Sections 110, 130, 517, 543)

Where to drink your fill of beer, margaritas, wine, champagne, and non-alcoholic beverages

Concession stands throughout the stadium will carry water, soda (in 20-ounce bottles and a 32-ounce souvenir cup), beer, and seltzer.

Check out the ice house stations for a wider selection (and a little more hometown flavor). Like Upper Kirby gem Kirby Ice House, they’re named after Houston streets. You’re in Houston, so expect a wide representation of local favorites, like Karbach’s ranch water and IPAs, Shiner, and Eureka Hights’ Somethin’ Light alongside familiar national brands.

For something a little classier, the ice house concession stands also have wine, serving chardonnay, cabernet, and prosecco. (Sections 106, 126, 517, 525, 543, 551)

You can also sit down and enjoy a cocktail throughout the stadium, serving beer, wine, and even cocktails, available freshly made, draft, or canned. (Sections 103, 123, 129, 138, behind 115, 518, 524, 547)

A margarita from Hugo’s with a salted rim and lime slice for garnish.
Score a margarita at NRG Stadium’s location of Hugo’s on the club level.
Paula Murphy

If you’re not feeling alcohol, NRG has you covered, too. Grab a smoothie from Maui Wowi or lemonade from Loaded Lemonade from multiple locations throughout the stadium (though boozy versions are also available). Or, grab a mango or strawberry agua fresca at one of the multiple locations throughout the stadium.

If the third quarter is dragging, Katz Coffee has its concession stand at Section 124, and coffee and tea are served throughout the stadium.

Where to indulge at the club level

If you treat yourself to tickets for the club level at NRG, you’ll have access to exclusive food, bars, and, of course, views. The club level is also where you can try food from other local restaurants.

  • Goode Co.: You’re in Texas. Get your requisite barbecue fix from Goode Co.’s section, with choices between a two-meat plate (with barbecue sausage, brisket, or chicken) or a sandwich and side. Other snacks offered include beef jerky, chips and guac, pimento cheese, cookies, and Goode Co.’s popular crowd favorite — pecan pie. (Sections 308, 336)
  • Hugo’s: James Beard Award-winning Hugo Ortega’s signature restaurant is represented here, serving taco trios (with carnitas or barbacoa), chicken taquitos, street corn, and guacamole and chips. It also serves a house margarita, or “Hugorita.” (Section 309, 337)
  • TexMex Cantina: These sections, which also serve Hugo’s, aren’t based on a local restaurant, but they’re one of the few sections at NRG to include options for different diets. That includes the gluten-free “Go Naked Without the Bowl” taco bowl and a vegetarian version. No food restrictions? Try the crispy taco bowl or loaded nachos with picadillo or chicken. (Sections 309, 337)
  • Club Hard Stands: Keep your eye out for the unique spins on stadium classics in this section, including menu items from Houston’s own James Beard Award-winning chef Chris Shepherd. Shepherd’s additions include a bacon sausage hot dog and smoked onion burger basket, but don’t sleep on some of the other options here, including a hot honey chicken tender and funnel cake meal, the black bean burger basket, and barbecue brisket nachos. (Sections 305, 314, 333, 342)

Booze and sweets also abound on the club level. Choose from a huge selection of popular liquor brands not sold elsewhere at the stadium, including Fireball, Skyy, Titos, Jack Daniels, Bailey’s, Kahlua, and more, in addition to national and local beer and wine. If the Texans win, and you really feel like celebrating, the Sire Spirits sections, at 310 and 338, carry hulking bottles of Le Chemin Du Roi Brut champagne. (Sections 305, 306, 309, 310, 311, 313, 314, 333, 334, 337, 338, 339, 341, 342)

Some bars might specialize in your favorite cocktails:

  • Club Bloody Mary Bar: Get your brunch-y fix with bloody marys and micheladas topped with skewers loaded with antipasto, bacon-wrapped shrimp, or candied bacon. (Sections 307, 312, 335, 340)
  • Club Bubbles Bar: Grab pours or carafes of mimosas and a huge selection of wine and champagne. Driving home after the game? This section also has zero-proof wine. (Sections 308, 336)

Where to satisfy your sweet tooth:

For dessert, you have yet another opportunity to take home a souvenir cup, this time filled with ice cream at multiple vendors. Other sweet options include ice cream in waffle bowls, sundaes, loaded cookies, and brownies, Coke and root beer floats, and pastries like cake pops, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and other treats. Don’t forget to check out doughnuts from cult favorite chain Voodoo Doughnut. Need more to drink? These dessert sections also carry Buzz Balls and spiked coffee, with Bailey’s, Frangelico, Kahlua, or Jameson cold brew. (Section 311, 338)

Treat your kid (or just your inner kid) to treats from one of the portable sections on Level 100. Dessert options include Dippin’ Dots, Italian ice, ice cream sandwiches, cookies, and funnel cake. (Sections 101, 103, 110, 112, 121, 123, 130, 132, 332, 350, 510, 514, 520, 532, 540, 549)

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