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Instagram Star Kway Is Stuck in a Slippery Lawsuit Over Alleged Stolen Butter Recipes From a Houston Restaurant [Update]

Houston’s Spongebob-Themed Pop-Up Bar Slapped With Trademark Infringement Lawsuit

Houston’s Most Lauded Viet-Cajun Restaurant Sues a Competitor Over Trademark Infringement

Brennan’s of Houston Settles $20 Million Sexual Assault Lawsuit

The Legal Drama Surrounding Midtown’s Taste Bar and Kitchen Just Keeps Getting Juicier

Houston’s Iconic Turkey Leg Hut Sits at the Center of Two Extremely Dramatic Lawsuits

Embroiled in a Messy Lawsuit, Chef Don Bowie Has a New Restaurant in the Works

The Turkey Leg Hut’s Legal Drama Is Over — For Now

Plaintiffs In Turkey Leg Hut Lawsuit Claim the Restaurant Is ‘Protected’ By Houston Politicians

Judge Rules Turkey Leg Hut Can Keep Cooking This Holiday Weekend

Turkey Leg Hut Owners Say Lawsuit Filed Over Its Smokers Is Bogus

Neighbors Slap Turkey Leg Hut With Lawsuit Over Its Allegedly ‘Noxious’ Smoke

Jury Finds Baba Yega Manager Was Fired for Reporting Discrimination, Awards Damages

Lawsuit Claims Restaurateur Bryan Caswell Owes Former Business Partner Upwards of $200K

Lawsuit Alleges Former Brennan’s of Houston Manager Groped Server

Houston Restaurant Manager Named In $1 Million Sexual Assault Lawsuit Resigns Post

Alleged Victim In $20 Million Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against Brennan’s of Houston Comes Forward

Lawsuit Alleges Former Pub Fiction Manager Sexually Assaulted Former Employee

Brennan’s Responds to $20 Million Sexual Assault Lawsuit By Denying All Claims of Liability

Lawsuits Allege Cherry Pie Hospitality Stiffed Investors Before Selling Off Its Restaurants

Lawsuit Alleges Former Brennan’s Bartender Drugged and Sexually Assaulted a Patron

Lawsuit Filed Against Peli Peli Alleges Sexual Harassment, Retaliation (Updated)

Cherry Pie Hospitality Sued For $1 Million Over Heights Ice Cream Shop

A Krusty Krab Restaurant Isn’t Happening in Houston, Rules U.S. Appellate Court

Bernie’s Burger Bus Is Paying Back $63,000 In Overtime Wages

Brasserie 19 Sued Over Alleged Improper Tip Pooling

Shipley Do-Nuts Owner Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Sexual Harassment and Racial Slurs

Former Perry’s Server Files Lawsuit, Alleging Religious Discrimination

‘The Krusty Krab’ Is Not a Restaurant Name That’s Up For Grabs, Says Nickelodeon

Court Filings Reveal NOLA Chef Alon Shaya Rejected an Expansion to Houston

Jinya Ramen Bar Accuses Three Houston Restaurants of Copyright Infringement

The Owner of Frenchy's Chicken Filed a Lawsuit Over Attorney Negligence